Propeller Team Training provide and facilitate inspirational team development activities and training, tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Recruitment Assessment

Recruitment AssessmentOur activities can be used to assess potential candidates during the recruitment process. We can help you assess the candidates on a variety of skills such as communication, integrity, leadership and problem solving. By using our activities as a less formal recruitment procedure we can truly gauge the skills and qualities of the candidates. The Royal Air Force have been using similar systems to examine potential Officers for a number of years with huge success . We can bring our experience of this to your company.


Our experience based recruitment and assessment sessions are designed to be completely flexible to your needs and can help reduce the costs of recruiting the right person first time.

What you'll get

  • Initial consultancy with your facilitator to determine person specification, job role and performance criteria you're looking for.
  • Bespoke designed assessment day for up to 15 people using our experiential team building activities or other assessment methods.
  • Full venue organisation and booking (including lunch and refreshments.)
  • Complete post assessment report on all candidates detailing their performance in the pre determined areas.