Propeller Team Training provide and facilitate inspirational team development activities and training, tailored to suit the needs of your business.



“You the customer” a person, group, school, college, company or business buying products or services from Propeller Team Training. “Propeller Team Training (Propeller Team Training, us, our)” the service or product vendor as identified on your invoice.

“Booking Confirmation” acknowledgment of a service or product by you, sent to Propeller Team Training.

“Charge(s)” as outlined within our Fees current Charges Schedule. “Services” means the services as described in our Charges Schedule or otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. “Service Provider” Propeller Team Training or its authorised service providers.


This agreement applies to this sale, service and all statements made by Propeller Team Training in brochures, price lists, adverts, quotations including verbally, written or via the internet. Variations to this agreement must be made by us in writing. Placing your Booking Order means acceptance of this Agreement. Propeller Team Training may vary these Terms and Conditions at its choosing.


Bookings for groups can only be made by completing and signing our booking form. Once details have been agreed, provisional bookings will be held for 14 days once it is entered onto our system and a booking letter is sent out.

To confirm the booking, check the details on the provisional booking form, then sign, date and return it via post or fax. On receipt of this signed form we will confirm the booking and send confirmation to you together with relevant group information details.

To amend a booking please advise us at least 21 days prior to the start date. An administration charge may be made for any amendments advised with less than 21 days notice


Bookings are only accepted on the basis that the customer agrees to abide by our terms and conditions and confirms this by signing the booking form. Bookings for individual courses can only be made by completing and signing our booking form. Before completing the form we advise you to check availability first by calling on 0845 476 40 44. Once received, your booking will be processed and confirmation, including joining instructions and course details, will be sent before the booking start date.


Propeller Team Training and its employees, volunteers, agents and contractors shall be entitled to assume that any instructions or information received from the customer or its employees or representatives are given with the appropriate authority, and are true, complete and accurate.

Excluded Services: Propeller Team Training and its employees, volunteers, agents and contractors shall be entitled to refuse to perform any additional services where in their opinion the services are not ones which they are adequately trained or qualified to perform, or are not of a type which they are normally employed to do, or are illegal, immoral or offensive, or are not reasonably related to Services already being provided by Propeller Team Training.


We must be notified of lost property within 1 week, as any items found are disposed of after this period.


Propeller Team Training shall be entitled to charge the customer for all Services. The customer will pay a 50% non refundable deposit and be notified of any payment schedule in their letter of confirmation. If Propeller Team Training has agreed to invoice the customer (this may be subject to a credit agreement) Propeller Team Training shall be entitled to invoice the customer for the Charges and the customer shall pay Propeller Team Training invoices within 30 days of the invoice date.

The customer shall pay to Propeller Team Training the charges as outlined within our Charges Schedules. Unless otherwise agreed, Propeller Team Training may increase the Charges by notice in writing to the customer by a reasonable amount to recover any increased costs or expenses suffered or incurred by Propeller Team Training in providing the services (including increased wage bills) as a result of any amendment, revocation, replacement or coming into force of any statute, statutory instrument, directive, regulation, order, or other law.

PROVISIONAL BOOKINGS will be held for 14 days and balance due 6 weeks prior to the event date unless otherwise agreed. Please note: we cannot confirm the site allocation or accommodation until your deposit is received. Payments can be made by cash, or cheque payable to Propeller Team Training.

VAT: All charges and other amounts payable are exclusive of value added tax, unless otherwise indicated,

Interest may be charged on accounts outstanding after the due date at £30 or 3% of the balance per month.


We endeavour to keep published prices and other information up to date but reserve the right to alter them at any time. You will be advised of any price changes or other relevant changes when your booking is processed. All Charges and other amounts to be paid by the customer under the Charges Schedule (or any other customer and Propeller Team Training agreement) shall be paid in full without deduction or withholding and the customer shall not be entitled to assert any credit, set off or counterclaim against Propeller Team Training in order to justify the withholding payment of such amounts in whole or part.


Propeller Team Training reserves the right to:

Cancel a booking / course / event in the event of insufficient demand. Should this occur you will normally be notified not less than 5 working days prior to the booking /course start date.

Please Note: Whilst every effort will be made to provide the programme as advertised Propeller Team Training reserve the right to change or cancel the programme in the event of insufficient bookings or circumstances beyond our control.

If we cancel, change or postpone a course we will endeavour to provide mutually acceptable alternative date(s), but if unable to do so, we will make a pro-rats refund.


Cancellations of confirmed bookings must be received by us in writing (post, email, fax) and will incur a cancellation fee:

More than 8 weeks prior to start date — 10% of total fee

Between 6 to 8 weeks prior to start date — 25% of total fee

Less than 6 weeks prior to start date — no refund of total fee


It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance against cancellation, curtailment, personal accident, personal liability and theft. Propeller Team Training only accepts liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from negligence by Propeller Team Training.



Propeller Team Training is not liable for any delays or cancellations of Service caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including acts of God, political intervention, war, act of hostile force, riot, civil disturbance, fire, flood, drought accumulation of snow or ice, or adverse weather conditions, failure of power supply, failure of plant or equipment and presence of hazards due to defective structure.


You should ensure that you have an adequate level of fitness for the activities undertaken. If you have any concerns about this please discuss it with our instructors.


Booking information: The Client shall promptly provide Propeller Team Training on request all such information which Propeller Team Training reasonably requires to perform the Service and shall (1) ensure that all information which the Client provides to us is true, complete, accurate and adequate, (2) promptly inform Propeller Team Training of any changes to any such information, (3) provide any additional information which Propeller Team Training may require as soon as possible and (4) confirm the accuracy of information held by us promptly following any request.


Clients will not be allowed to participate in any activities if, in the opinion of the instructor in charge, they have used alcohol or drugs.


All activities are assessed for risks and reviewed regularly. Specialist equipment is provided and fit for purpose. All equipment is checked regularly and inspected as part of our safety systems.


Safety is paramount in all activities, and we ensure our safety management systems are our top priority. We have robust risk and safety management systems in place, which are evidenced in a number of ways.


Teambuilding activities often involve learning new skills in unfamiliar environments. Both participants and persons with parental responsibility must accept an element of risk. Activities may result in bumps and scrapes. To minimise risks we have evolved a ‘safe system of work’ and regularly Risk Assess our programmes and activities. Participants must follow any safety instructions from our staff.

Jewellery, rings, chains, earrings etc must be removed or taped over whilst participating in activities which could result in them being snagged. We also ask that long hair is tied back.


All staff are cleared through the Criminal Records Bureau disclosure procedure.


If you have a medical condition or illness, you must inform us prior to your session. We strongly recommend anyone with a medical condition e.g. epilepsy, heart condition, pregnancy etc. also to check with their doctor before making a booking. You must also advise any physical disability which we should be aware. These will not necessarily exclude participants but will allow our staff to make reasonable adjustments where necessary.


We welcome and recognise that a percentage of participants may have a special need related to their Academic Progress, Emotional or Behavioural Difficulties, Sensory Impairments or Physical Disabilities. We must be advised of any SEN requirement prior to confirming the booking so that we can discuss that the resources, equipment and participant ratio will be suitable and available for all participants and any arrangements necessary can be fully appraised and included.


We cannot accept handover from parents earlier than course start time and expect collection, promptly at course finish time.


We occasionally take photographs of participants for publicity, including on our own website or marketing information.  If you do not wish to be photographed, please tick the box at the end of the booking form.


Clients may become liable for loss or damage to any equipment if caused by the group / members

DATA PROTECTION (Data Protection Act 1998)

The information you supply to us will only be used to process the booking and for our mailing list. If you do not want to receive further brochures, information or offers please tick the box at the end of the booking form.