Recruitment and Candidate assessment

Assess potential employees on another level.

Our activities can be used to assess potential candidates during the recruitment process. We can help you assess the candidates on a variety of skills such as communication, integrity, leadership and problem solving. By using our activities as a less formal recruitment procedure we can truly gauge the skills and qualities of the candidates. The Royal Air Force have been using similar systems to examine potential Officers for a number of years with huge success . We can bring our experience of this to your company.


Using a range of teambuilding activities to assess your potential employees is a great way to learn more about them. Typically we will use three to five tasks where participants must perform and work together to achieve an end goal. The important part is how they go about it!


Alongside the assessment activities you will will also receive a comprehensive and individualised report on each candidate assessing them against the pre determined criteria, job and person specifications.


To find out even more about your candidates you can add psychometric testing, team roles style questionnaires or personality testing. Although these do not give definitive answers to your perfect candidate they are particularly useful tools in matching the right person for the role and organisation.

Pre consultation to determine your needs***
3-5 Team Activities to assess potential candidates***
Individualised candidate reports **
Inclusion of 1 type of personality or team role testing*
Additional team tasks or personality testing can be included. Please contact us for a quote.

“Working with Richard and Propeller has been a pleasure from start to finish. He is constantly striving to prove valuable to our business through innovation and hard work with his training courses. I would have no problems recommending Richard and Propeller to anyone in the future.”

Roy Thompson, ACI Ltd

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