Businesses Spend Billions On Team Building Activities But, Why?

A blog around the benefits of team building.

Increased productivity

  • Individuals feel more motivated to tackle projects and goals. When your team works well together, you’ll be more likely to feel enthusiastic about the tasks ahead.
  • Teams with strong communication skills seem to out-perform their counterparts in this area too. Instead of playing the blame game when a project goes wrong, effective communications skills mean that individuals are able to understand what needs to be done, who is responsible for doing it, and how they should go about it.
  • Increased productivity is also measured in terms of output: the amount of work that gets completed on time and the quality of that work.

Good teamwork makes achieving these goals easier, since each person on the team is aware of their role within the group and understands how their own performance impacts everyone else’s.

Boosts employee morale

  • Team building activities create a sense of community in the workplace. They help employees get to know each other better and learn how to work together as a team, which leads to more friendships and more positivity in the workplace. Each employee knows that someone has their back if things get tough and it makes them feel more connected with each other. This is beneficial because happy employees are productive employees.
  • They also give you the opportunity to recognize your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and figure out where they can best be used within your organization. Employees who understand what they need to do will take less time off, try harder, feel more appreciated and will be overall happier and more productive at work.

Creates a more positive environment

Team building creates a more positive workplace environment. When employees work together to achieve a common goal, they are happier at work and have greater job satisfaction. This leads to improved productivity, which is beneficial for both the company and the worker.

It also helps reduce stress by teaching employees how to manage their time better so that they have more of it available for activities outside of work (and less stressed out about being late). This can lead them being less likely to take sick days off because they feel like they need some extra time away from the office.

Increases communication and collaboration

If you want to improve productivity in your workplace, team building may be just what you need. By working together to solve puzzles and complete challenges, your staff can develop the key skills that are required to enhance almost every aspect of their work. When people know each other better and trust one another more, they tend to communicate more effectively and work together as a team.

Most people will agree that it’s important for a company to have good communication and this is also true when it comes down to ensuring teamwork amongst all employees at any given time but why should companies spend money on these activities? Team building exercises are designed with the intent of helping employees develop strong relationships with each other which ultimately leads them towards creating new ideas for their business or organization as a whole without much effort put into brainstorming due to how comfortable all parties feel around one another in the long run.

Helps build trust

Building trust is a vital part of team building. Increased trust leads to better communication, more creativity and better collaboration. It’s a cornerstone of successful teams and it takes time to build. Team building activities are an effective way to achieve this goal, as they provide an opportunity for individuals in the group to work together without the pressures of daily work.

According to INC., “One study by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire found that team building activities can result in a 17% increase in employee commitment.” This statistic is powerful evidence that companies should be investing in their teams through team building exercises.

Here are some ideas for activities that might help bring your team together:

You may spend a lot on team building activities but it’s totally worth it.

We all know there are many ways to spend hard-earned money. Whether you invest it in the stock market, spend it on a nice vacation or in a new wardrobe, there are just so many options. But what if I told you one of the best ways to spend your money was actually on team building activities?

In 2000, American businesses spent $100 million on team building activities. By 2005 that number had jumped to $1 billion. Now, businesses spend more than $2 billion per year on team building exercises and retreats (that doesn’t include any additional costs spent hosting these events).

And while some may say spending all that money is simply a waste of time and resources, I assure you they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, an overwhelming majority (65%) of employees said engaging in team-building activities made them feel more bonded to their co-workers—which has been shown to lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity levels over time.

Team building activities may require some upfront capital but the long term ROI is well worth it! Just look at companies like Pixar—the beloved animation studio has been known for its amazing work culture for years now and part of this culture includes investing heavily in team building exercises for its various divisions. And by doing so, Pixar remains one of the most successful studios in Hollywood with 25 Academy Awards under its belt since 1995!